Tentan, a hot pot restaurant loved in Ginza

Herbal hotpot without chemical seasonings

Tentan was created in 1996 in Tokyo`s Ginza Korido St., for a quarter of a century we have enjoyed bringing the taste of our hotpot to our customers. The medicinal soup is formulated seasonally to emphasize metabolism and detoxification, we do not use any harmful chemical seasonings that are bad for the body. The hotpot soup and secret sauce is homemade in our shop .

Why we choose the Tentan’s hotpot

  1. Medicinal soup that the ingredients change depending on the seasons.
  2. A sesame-based homemade secret sauce that you can’t taste anywhere else.
  3. A secret recipe inherited from Chongqing.

Tentan’s menu

The story of Tentan

Kurotaki Tan was born in Shanghai, China. While working as an actress traveled to Japan and engaged in the production and distribution of films and television. Unable to forget the deliciousness of the “hotpot” that she once tasted in Sichuan, China she traveled to Sichuan and trained at a local hotpot specialty store. Taking the recipe home she later opened the current “Tentan” in Tokyo`s Ginza Korido St. in 1996, she offered “Sichuan hotpot” which was unfamiliar in Japan at the time as a specialty dish of “Tentan”. Since then Kurotaki Tan has been running the Tentan as a famous proprietress of a long-established hot pot shop. Due to its location in Ginza it has been loved by the political and business world and by many celebrities to this day. The future of Tentan’s hotpot will continue to be created here in Ginza with all our hearts for our customers.

How to walk from Ginza Station to Tentan

1,Take the C2 exit of Ginza Station and follow the arrow in the photo.

2,When you see Sukiyabashi Park on your left, turn left.

3,Walk along Sukiyadori, turn right at the intersection, and walk along Miyuki-dori.

4,Go straight down Miyuki-dori and turn left under the guard.

5,Turn left under the guard and walk straight until you see the sign “Tentan”.